Business Model Workout

"Business is simple. Keep it simple and you will become rich."

Friday, June 09, 2006

Q & A

What is the Business Model Workout (BMW)?

It's a highly innovative instructional framework offering ordinary people a new way of seeing, understanding and mastering business.

The BMW framework captures the idea that excellence is a habit of mind and of action that must be practiced every day, every hour.

Aristotle, the great philosopher and personal tutor of Alexander the Great, wrote that excellence is a habit. In the business context, one must exercise "habitual excellence" in faithful alignment with one's specific business model.

A business model is how a person or company actually creates value. "Business model workout" refers to the continuous refinement of a particular business model, so that the entrepreneur can improve his / her strategic understanding while also increasing his / her operational control.

The result is a semi-automatic, laser-sharp focus on what really matters to the business. The business person then achieves what management guru Peter Drucker calls the imperative of "doing what the business requires."

Over time, using and refining the BMW framework enables a business owner to focus, mentally and physically, on executing relentlessly and confidently his particular business model in order to grow the company profitably.

What services do you provide?

Our services, workshops and special consulting interventions are designed to trigger in people a whole new way of looking at business. We've created an amazingly simple way to understand business and integrate into one system all the various business principles taught in business schools across North America.

Why do people need this new approach to business?

As the business environment in today's global economy becomes more and more complicated, people need a simple framework to make sense of business and make money from business. Without this simple framework, it is too easy to fall prey to information overload and lose focus. In business, when you lose focus, you lose the game.

Who are your clients?

They are mostly first-time entrepreneurs who need both a global, strategic picture of their business as well as an operations-level framework to empower them to make effective decisions every day.

How did you develop the BMW framework?

I've launched businesses since 1990 when, as a student, I applied for a loan at the Business Development Bank of Canada to launch a commercial signage business. I made a lot of mistakes but I also achieved many significant successes in business.

Since 2000, I've been reading over 500 of the best business books and have been reflecting on the principles they teach. As a result of deep meditation, complemented by sophisticated mind mapping techniques and specialized software that I developed to integrate all the business knowledge, I arrived at a powerful framework that normal people can easily understand. However, the framework can also be used by sophisticated and high-powered business executives to master the key levers that ensure sustainable business success.